"You're good at Quake, but you still suck as a human being."
Danny, to Ross

"Quake III Arena (episode)"
Quake III Arena
Series Steam Rolled
Game Quake III Arena
Description Barry's here to get served. Or to serve. A nice steak. Or. Something.
Release Date August 23, 2013
Length 12:48
Link Quake III Arena - Steam Rolled
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  "Quake III Arena" is an episode of Steam Rolled and the only episode of Quake III Arena.

Arin and Danny play three rounds against Barry and Ross, as the Grumps and Steam Train respectively. Barry and Ross win all three rounds of the match.


  • Barry makes his gaming debut on the Game Grumps channel. He doesn't speak here, limiting his communication with the other grumps to in-game chat.


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