Ringo Starr's MSPaint Art
Ringo Starr's MSPaint Art


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Super Mario Galaxy

Origin (Episode)

You're a Starr


Release date

November 19th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Ringo Starr's MSPaint Art - by LemonyFresh

"Ringo Starr's MSPaint Art" is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by LemonyFresh. It uses audio from the Super Mario Sunshine episode "You're a Starr".

The Animation Edit

Danny and Arin walk through a museum. Arin asks Danny if he’s ever seen Ringo’s MSPaint Art, to which Danny replies that he hasn’t. Arin hypes it up as amazing, as Danny theorizes what it could be like. Eventually they get to one of his paintings, which Danny stares at in bewilderment. Suddenly, Ringo Starr (voiced by Danny) appears out of nowhere to give backstory on his art. He also gives details to his naming process. Danny sarcastically reminds Arin that Ringo was a member of The Beatles, the most influential band. A plaque of Ringo proudly proclaims that his works have names because you’re required to name them by Microsoft Paint, which sends Arin and Danny into hysterics. Eventually, Danny stuffs Ringo into a crate to ship to Peppy Lane, as Danny says “Jesus, look at this shit.” Taking it literally, Jesus (voiced by Arin) descends from Heaven to fulfill Danny’s wish. Jesus (now voiced by Danny) brings up that his father created Ringo, who created the terrible art. He then rants to God about the art. God scolds Jesus for using his name in vain, and tries to defer any blame he has for the art’s existence. He compares it to rolling a rock down a hill and accidentally crushing a playground of children.

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