Ross's Childhood Dream
Ross's Childhood Dream


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Game & Wario

Origin (Episode)



Release date

March 26th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Ross's Childhood Dream - by iamprikle

Ross's Childhood Dream is an episode of Game Grumps Animated by iamprikle. It uses audio from the Game & Wario episode Islands.

The Animation Edit

Ross talks about wanting to be a paleontologist as a kid, but he says his skin was too pasty to be in the sun for too long. Holly brings up going to the store dressed up as her favorite characters like Chip from Chip n' Dale. Ross takes over the conversation again, bringing up how he thought they found dinosaurs in ice. He put toy dinosaurs in the freezer and chiseled them out in the sun to imitate this. Arin, Suzy, and Holly find this to be adorable. Ross also throws in that he did this naked, which Holly doesn't believe.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first official Game Grumps Animated to include Suzy and Holly as characters.
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