"Runs on Sand"
Episode 2
Aladdin Genesis 2
Series Game Grumps
Game Aladdin Genesis
Description Riff-raff! Street rat! Et cetera!
Release Date March 29, 2013
Length 11:31
Link Aladdin Genesis: Runs On Sand - PART 2 - Game Grumps
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"Runs on Sand" is the second episode of Aladdin Genesis.

Discussions Edit

Jon talks about how strange it is that the game has so many creative flourishes considering how protective Disney is with its IPs. Arin assumes Disney just didn't care too much, lumping tie-in games together with other merchandise like party napkins.

Jon compares the Genesis sound chip to DOS music, which leads to Arin and Jon reflecting on Sound Blaster.

Jon and Arin talk about the opening scene of Aladdin, confusing Gazeem from the original movie with Abis Mal from Return of Jafar. They also talk about how awful Return of Jafar is, and the disagreements Robin Williams had with Disney that caused him not to appear in it. Jon considers it funny how celebrities can repeatedly turn down acting jobs that could pay them millions of dollars (when in reality Robin Williams was paid very little for his appearance in Aladdin).

Jon and Arin talk about the design of the Genesis controller, and how bad the layout of the buttons is. Arin assumes that they added a third button to the Genesis controller just to stand out from the NES without thinking about the actual player experience.

Quotes Edit

Jon: What if the game title was just Aladdin Runs On Sand? I thought he ran on..
Arin: Batteries?
Jon: [laughs] It's like with you, it's just you're completing my sentences, you know? Like, not in a bad way, not like I'm blaming you for it, like, you know you really found so-
Arin: Found something...
Jon: Spec-
Arin: Special.
Jon: [laughs] You're effortless at it too!
Arin: I know! I don't put any effort into anything I do!

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