Sonic Hedgehog Extravaganza
Series Steam Train
Game Super Sanic Turbo Gun Adventure 2 Turbo
Sanic Spin 2006
Description Gotta go fast?
Release Date May 26th, 2016
Length 22:25
Link SONIC HEDGEHOG EXTRAVAGANZA - Steam Train (Ft. Rocco Botte)
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SONIC HEDGEHOG EXTRAVAGANZA is an episode of Steam Train featuring multiple Sonic fan games.

Discussions Edit

Ross tries to imagine what it would be like to play Sanic Spin 2006 with the oculus rift, due to the fact that you spin whenever you jump. He imagines it would be impossible.

Rocco brings up some DLC Super Monkey Ball levels.

Rocco defends the Matrix sequels for their willingness to take risks.

Arin brings up a fake lawsuit "The People vs. Sega," where people demanded that Sonic be available for all.

Rocco claims "2001: A Space Odyssey" would be better if it was more like Sanicball's Rainbow Road.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first non-holiday episode of Steam Train to feature a guest, as well as the second of all Steam Train episodes to feature a guest, after Love Train episode Ostrich Island featured Commander Holly.

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