"Sassy Scimitars"
Episode 4
Goof Troop 4
Series Game Grumps
Game Goof Troop
Description SAY WHAT?
Release Date July 27, 2012
Length 13:46
Link Goof Troop - Sassy Scimitars - PART 4 - Game Grumps
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Sassy Schimitar is the fourth episode of Goof Troop.

Intro Edit

Jon and Arin "Ohh shoot" "Yeah... It seems" "Ohhh shit" "Oh god, oh god!" "Awh shoot".

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps complete the second level and begin the third.

Quotes Edit

"Look at this mother fucker. I like how hes like GET OUT OF HERE"!- Jon referring to the boss

(Max stands there to get hit by a cannon ball).

(They both laugh).

"I was legitimately gonna commit suicide. You're like "Max theres another answer".- Jon in his goofy voice

"This is like legitimately Zelda like this looks like Zelda".- Jon

"Yeah".- Arin

"Expect for the goof troop stuff".- Jon

Outro Edit

Jon"Anyway ugh on the next episode of gengges grumps".

Arin"Were gonna actually open th-".

Jon"Were gonna actually open this, (Door opens) FUCK"!