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Danny Avidan (2013-2014)
Ross O'Donovan (2013-)
Arin Hanson (2014, 2016)
Barry Kramer (2014-)
Suzy Berhow (2016-)
Brian Wecht (2016-)


Matt Watson (editor)
Ryan Magee (editor)
Barry Kramer (editor, formerly)
Kevin Abernathy (editor, formerly)




October 25th, 2013 - October 31st, 2013
October 26th, 2014 - November 1st, 2014
October 25th, 2015 - October 31st, 2015
October 25th, 2016 - October 31st, 2016

Scream Train is a Halloween-themed spin-off of Steam Train.

History Edit

Scream Train debuted alongside the similarly-themed Game Grumps spin-off Ghoul Grumps late in October 2013. In the Scream Train episodes, Ross and Danny are credited as "Rots" and "Deadly," respectively, with zombified versions of their Grump Heads to match.

Scream Train returned in 2014 with Arin and Barry joining the now rotating cast, credited as "Scarin" and "Scarry," respectively. Ross and Danny received updated Scream Train Grump Heads, with orange conductor hats, matching the Grump Heads Arin and Barry received.

2015's Scream Train videos featured only Ross and Barry, as Arin and the others were likely unavailable to record.

In 2016, Suzy and Brian join Ross, Barry, and Arin in the Scream Train videos. Each Scream Train Grump Head was updated to match the new Grump Heads introduced earlier in the year. The Grumps are no longer credited by their Halloween-themed nicknames in the videos' descriptions, although Ross is still labeled as "Rots" in the intro animation.

Format Edit

Scream Train episodes are identical to regular episodes of Steam Train. The Grumps try to choose Halloween-toned games, such as horror games and games with scary or dark themes.

Scream Train is generally uploaded daily for the last seven days of October. The only exception was in 2014 when the uploads started one day later and ran until November 1st.

Theme lyricsEdit

Deadly: We bought too many brains

Rots: (barely audible) Now we gotta eat them all

Deadly: So all aboard the Scream Train!

[lightning strikes and a woman's scream can be heard]


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Trivia Edit

  • The design for 'Rots' (zombie Ross) has changed significantly. At first, he looked like Ross with pale green skin, reddish-brown eyes, freckles, and a broken jaw. When Season 2 came along, Rots got a makeover--he now has an orange hat, purple hair, purple eyes and cheeks that are visibly caving into his skull, and no more broken jaw; instead his mouth is simply stitched.
  • Despite Brian being added to the intro animation in 2016's Scream Train videos, his face is not showing a scared expression like the other Grumps.
  • Scream Train is the only holiday-themed spin-off to featured all Game Grumps main hosts.

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