Series Game Grumps VS
Game Sheep
Description Hardcore sheep-herding ACTION!!
Release Date February 23rd, 2014
Length 14:19
Link Sheep - Game Grumps VS
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"Sheep" is the first and only episode of Sheep on Game Grumps VS.

Intro Edit

Arin: Oh, my God.

Dan: You bitches ready for- I’m sorry I called you bitches.

Gameplay Edit

Arin plays as the Blue sheep while Dan plays as the Red sheep.

Round One Score: 6-6 at the end of “Full Time,” However, the game considers the tie the end of the game and boots them back to the home menu.

Round Two Score: 7-3 in favor of Danny’s Red sheep.

Discussion Edit

A general conversation topic throughout the gameplay is how difficult the controls are for a soccer video game.

Dan brings up how someone, either on Twitter or on Facebook, posted a message saying Barry and Dan should eat beans over a sink for Valentine’s Day. He then states that they did exactly that.

Near the end, Danny comments that Sheep spelled backwards is "Peehs," pronounced like "peas."

After the game, Danny and Mimi (in front of the camera) promotes his then latest music video Dragon Slayer. He then jokingly states “I will kill this cat if you don’t click that link,” which is then followed by him calling that statement an empty threat because he loves Mimi.

Memorable QuotesEdit

“What’s the Single-Player game?” / "You lead sheep into a truck.” / “Uh, this game sucks.” - Dan and Arin’s talk about the game


“I felt like being specific about my hates.” - Arin after asking Dan to specify the beans Dan won.

Outro Edit

Arin: I’m going to go eat some beans and vomit.

Dan: I’m going to eat some beans and celebrate singlehood with Barry.

Arin: Okay. Cool.

Dan: See you next time for more Peehs and Sheep.

Trivia Edit

  • Arin states he hates beans.

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