Single Train


Danny Avidan
Barry Kramer (2014)
Kevin Abernathy (2016)


Barry Kramer (editor)
Kevin Abernathy (editor)




February 14, 2014
February 14, 2016

Single Train is a Valentine's Day spin-off of Steam Train. It is hosted by Danny and Barry in 2014 and Kevin in 2016.


Theme lyricsEdit

Danny: We don't have any dames

Barry (talking): Now it's just another Friday
(Kevin (talking): Now it's just another Sunday)

Danny: So all aboard the... Eh, fuck it, we're single on Valentine's Day


  • Near the end of the My Boyfriend 2 episode, the game crashes (Like B.O.B) and Barry and Dan have the Single Cast.
    • The Single Cast made a second appearance in the Bratz Forever Diamondz episode as "Grumpcast: Love Edition" after Danny had enough of the game. The music from the game was replaced with non-copyrighted romantic music.
  • This is the first Steam Train spin-off to not have Ross.
  • The first episode is apparently the first all-Jewish episode, as stated by Danny.
  • The first episode marks the first time Barry has appeared on Steam Train, as well as the first time Barry and Danny have been a duo.
  • Kevin previously appeared in Stout Train.
  • As the description states, the Single Train episode with Kevin was recorded at a time when Kevin was still single, but now he's in a relationship.


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