Slap .45
Series Table Flip
Console Tabletop
Episodes 1
Run February 6th, 2016
April 6th, 2016
Status Complete
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Slap .45 is a board game played on Table Flip. Hosts Barry and Suzy are joined by special guests Chad Quandt, NateWantsToBattle and ProJared.

Board Game Geek Info[edit | edit source]

Slap .45 is an old western shootout for three to seven players. Each player will control a six-member gang competing to survive with only their instincts, a quick draw, and dynamite.

The game is played in turns. Each player has a home base card in front of him. Each turn, the player whose turn it is flips open a card from the common deck. The other players now have a chance to react.

  • If a Talkin’ Iron card is revealed, players can choose to make an offensive or a defensive move. If players want to take a shot, they can slap one hand on the Talkin’ Iron card and simultaneously make a pistol-finger with their other hand, pointing at any other player. Only one player gets to actually take a shot - the one who slaps the Talkin’ Iron card first. Instead of trying to slap the gun, players can slap into a home base by slapping any of the home bases on the table. Only one player’s hand can be in a home base at a time. Players who slap into a home base can’t be hit by a player who takes a shot, and they can safely keep their hand on that home base until they’re forced to move.
  • If a Big Gun card is revealed, players can slap it to take a shot or slap into a home base. Just like a Talkin’ Iron, only one player can use it to take a shot - the first one to slap the card and simultaneously point a pistol-finger at another player. Unlike a Talkin’ Iron, a Big Gun is extraordinarily destructive, and damages players even if they’re in a home base.
  • If a Gold card is revealed, players can take the card into their possession by slapping it. If you point at another player while slapping the gold, the player you point at takes the gold instead. Gold is required to activate most gang’s special powers.
  • When a Move! card is revealed, everyone needs to slap into a home base. If a player is already in a home base, they need to slap into a new home base. The last player to slap into a new home base loses one member of their gang. If anyone mistakenly slaps the Move! card, they lose one gang member, everyone else is safe regardless of where they slapped, and the turn ends.

Players take turns until only one gang is left standing.

Slap .45's YouTube thumbnail, featuring Nate.

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