"Slightly Shy Chimpanzee"
Episode 2
Secret of Mana 2
Series Game Grumps
Game Secret of Mana
Description Dude, they said they were okay with Chimpanzees bro don't worry about it.
Release Date August 9, 2012
Length 10:26
Link Secret of Mana - Slightly Shy Chimpanzee - PART 2 - Game Grumps
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"You Might Be a Redneck"

"Slightly Shy Chimpanzee" is the second episode of Game Grumps' first playthrough of Secret of Mana.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back to gamesss" - JonTron

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps find Timothy, Elliot, the Elder, and Jema and defeat the Mantis Ant.

Discussion Edit

Early in the episode, JonTron says he will make the noise of a slightly shy chimpanzee for the entire episode (which he does not). Egoraptor starts a conversation as if he was actually talking to a shy chimpanzee.

Quotes Edit

"Shut your god damn mouth and look how hot this chick is".- Arin

(Pauses to menu).

"Dude why does she turn into a ghost".- Jon

"OHHWOOOHHH. Its like they live when go into the menu its like, these are the ones that are the aliens".- Arin

"You mean like in barts".- Jon

"Oh yeah".- Arin

"You talking about, that's the one,where you can x ray them".- Jon

"Its from they live".- Arin

"She has a lettuce hair".- Jon

"Lettuce look at it".- Arin

(They both like).

"Oh my god that was beautiful".- Jon

"Look at this guy hes got a stash and like a big purple dick coming out of his mouth"- Arin

"A stash of what, oh my god he does have a purple dick".- Arin

Outro Edit

Jon"On the next Game Grumps, lets hope".