Smooth McGroove
Smooth McGroove


Smooth McGroove (real name Max Gleason) is a YouTuber known for making acapella covers of video game songs and appeared as a guest on Table Flip in their playthrough of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. He also appears in the Starbomb rap-along video for "I Choose You to Die".

Game Grumps & Steam TrainEdit

In the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim episode "MOUNTAIN HORSE", Ross mentioned that he saw Charles Martinet with Smooth McGroove and that there is a video of it on Youtube.

In the Pokemon FireRed episode "Tea Goblins", Arin creates a hypothetical youtuber named FartMcgee28 who makes video game remixes with spoons to explain Youtuber ads but then notices that who he made up sounds like Smooth McGroove and clarifies that they aren't talking bad about him and that he is not on their shit list but on their people they want to shit with list because its a bonding experience. Danny ends up telling the audience to go to the Smooth McGroove video that Barry put a link to and ask him for TP (toilet paper) which the Lovelies did by bombarding the comments asking for TP.

Table FlipEdit

He appears in a Table Flip promotion video but didn't appear in the actual video it was promoting. On September 13th, 2014 he appeared on the third round of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. He was the only new guest in the episode being accompanied by the hosts, Suzy and Barry, recurring guests Arin and Ross, and guests Markiplier and BebopVox.


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