Sonic Shuffle
Series Grumpcade
Game Grumps VS
Console Dreamcast
Episodes 1+6
Playlist Sonic Shuffle
Run March 21st, 2017
August 1st, 2020 - August 6th, 2020
Status One-Off

Sonic Shuffle is a Dreamcast game as a one-off played by Arin, Oney, Julian and Ding Dong on Grumpcade. The Game Grumps later revisited the game on Game Grumps VS

Episodes Edit

Grumpcade Edit

Game Grumps VS Edit

  1. Sega’s Bootleg Mario Party
  2. Knuckles of Brass
  3. No Mercy
  4. The DELIRIUM is setting in
  5. Cause of death: MINI GAMES
  6. TERRIFYING GLITCH haunts our nightmares!

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