"SoulCalibur II (episode)"
SoulCalibur II
Series Game Grumps VS
Game SoulCalibur II
Description The soul still burns. Ooch ouch ow put out that soul fire.
Release Date May 4, 2013
Length 15:10
Link SoulCalibur II - Game Grumps VS
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SoulCalibur II is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the only episode of SoulCalibur II.

Discussion Edit

The discussion in this episode is focused primarily on the game itself, with very little tangents. Jon and Arin both mention they're rusty at the game.

Arin mentions he was good at the fighting games The King of Fighters, and Naruto: Clash of Ninja.

Quotes Edit

Stupid ass Mitsurugi. Get a new hair, idiot!
— Jon
Be Astaroth. His cousin is Astamouth (ass-to-mouth).
— Jon

Matches Edit

Egoraptor JonTron Victor
Match #1 Yunsung Link JonTron
Match #2 Kilik Ivy Egoraptor
Match #3 Mitsurugi Nightmare Egoraptor
Match #4 Astaroth Taki JonTron
Match #5 Kilik Voldo Egoraptor
Match #6 Kilik Ivy Egoraptor
Match #7 Kilik Ivy JonTron
Match #8 Kilik Ivy JonTron
Match #9 Mitsurugi Ivy Egoraptor
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