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Ross O'Donovan
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Matt Watson (editor)
Ryan Magee (editor)
Barry Kramer (occasional editor)
Kevin Abernathy (editor, formerly)
Danny Avidan (vocals, opening theme)
Ross O'Donovan (voice, opening theme)
Arin Hanson (beatboxing, opening theme)




June 25th, 2013 - December 30th, 2016, January 5th, 2018 - February 9th, 2018.

Steam Train is a series on the Game Grumps channel in which the Game Grumps play computer games.


The idea for Steam Train was conceived by Ross as an excuse to play his abundance of games on his Steam account. When Steam Train began, Ross had over three hundred games owned on his account, and had played less than forty of them. Although the concept for the show and its namesake is based off of computer game distributor and platform Steam, Ross does not limit the show to Steam games, as they also play DOS and independently-published computer games on the show.

The show was not originally planned to be posted on the Game Grumps channel, and was likely going to be posted on either Ross's personal channel or its own Steam Train channel. However, Arin invited Ross to host on the show on the channel alongside Game Grumps.

Steam Train was not initially well-received upon its launch, as it aired the same day Jon's departure from the channel was announced. As time went on and fans began to warm up to the changes on the channel, Steam Train's reception improved.

Danny originally joined Ross as co-host on Steam Train. Arin was introduced onto the show alongside Ross and Danny in the Civilization V: Brave New World series, and began to replace Danny in some episodes as co-host beginning in "Backseat Baby Throwing". Danny's involvement with Steam Train steadily decreased as time went on, as he is often busy with NinjaSexParty or Starbomb, although he occasionally appears in a series or one-off.

In October of 2013, a Halloween spin-off of Steam Train, Scream Train, debuted, airing for a week around Halloween. In December of the same year, a Christmas-themed spin-off debuted, named Steam Sleigh, which also aired for a week around the holiday. On Valentine's Day of 2014, Single Train debuted, introducing Barry as a host on Steam Train. Barry later appeared in the St. Patrick's Day spin-off Stout Train.

The show was revamped on its one year anniversary with a new intro, because of Danny's frequent disappearances debuting on "The Land of the Green Isles". The new intro included Barry and Suzy. Barry began appearing regularly on Steam Train beginning in "Cliffhorse", and Suzy in "Mount Your Friends". Ross also no longer appears in every episode of Steam Train, as the show began to feature any combination of two or three of the hosts.

Early in 2015, the Grumps introduced Grumpcade to the channel. Grumpcade is identical to Steam Train, except the Grumps play console games instead of computer games. Grumpcade episodes are uploaded in the same time slot as Steam Train episodes, meaning episodes of Steam Train are no longer uploaded daily.

On Valentine's Day of 2015, a new spin-off of Steam Train debuted, titled Love Train. This episode featured Ross, as well as the first guest on Steam Train, Ross's wife, Commander Holly. During Stout Train in 2015, Kevin debuted as a host in "Fly in the House".

Late in 2015, following Brian's introduction as a Game Grump, he began to appear in Steam Train episodes, beginning in "Impossible Creatures".

Stout Train of 2016 introduced Vernon and Jack onto the show, in "Girp / Clop" and "Lucky Charms", respectively.

In May of 2016, Rocco Botte was featured as a guest on an episode, "SONIC HEDGEHOG EXTRAVAGANZA", being the first guest to appear in a regular episode of Steam Train. Rocco was also featured as a guest in the Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed play-through, alongside Arin, Ross, and Suzy, marking the first time Steam Train episodes have featured four hosts.

In June of 2016, Ross, Arin, and Barry played Overwatch on an episode of Steam Train with three guests, Commander Holly, Octopimp, and Macho King, marking the first time more than four hosts have been present for an episode of Steam Train, as well as any game-play episodes.

Later in the summer of 2016, Kevin resigned from the Game Grumps channel. He was replaced as editor by Matt and Ryan of SuperMega. As of mid-2017, Steam Train fell into an extended hiatus, due to Ross focusing more on his animation career. Barring the 2017 edition of Stout Train and the "OrbusVR" video uploaded on January 5th 2018, there have been no new episodes since December 2016. Game Grumps has since taken to showcasing Steam games, effectively ending Steam Train's purpose.


The format of Steam Train is nearly identical to the format of Game Grumps. A group of two to three of the Game Grumps play a computer game. On rare occasions, Steam Train features guests, and has featured four or six hosts.

Episodes of Steam Train were originally uploaded in the middle slot on the Grumps' daily schedule, at approximately noon PST, sandwiched between episodes of Game Grumps.


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  • The series' game footage was originally recorded with FRAPS. However, due to issues with various games, the Conductors have since switched to a setup with separate machines for playing the game and recording.
  • There is an animation error in the updated Steam Train intro. At the very beginning, before "He bought too many games," the passengers are visible. The first two passengers are Danny and Suzy. However, later when a long shot of the train is shown, the second passenger is Arin.
  • The intro is updated again slightly with the introductions of Brian and Kevin to Steam Train, however the changes are only made to the intros of episodes they are featured in. For episodes Brian is featured in, his head makes a brief appearance on top of the train before it disappears into the background. For Kevin, the only change is at the end of the intro, after the hosts say "choo choo," Kevin's head rolls in and Ross states "also Kevin."
  • Only four console games have been played on Steam Train, all on the spin-off Stout Train. As a gag, each year, Ross and Barry play a console game, Super Smash Bros. in 2014, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! in 2015, Pain in 2016, and 1-2 switch! in 2017.

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