Stout Train


Ross O'Donovan
Barry Kramer
Kevin Abernathy (2015-2016)
Vernon Shaw (2016-2017)
Jack Walsh (2016-2017)
Ryan Magee (2017)


Matt Watson (editor)
Ryan Magee (editor)
Barry Kramer (editor, formely)
Kevin Abernathy (editor, formely)




March 17, 2014
March 17, 2015
March 17, 2016
March 17, 2017

Stout Train is a St. Patrick's Day spin-off of Steam Train. It airs yearly on St. Patrick's, and is hosted by Barry and Ross while intoxicated. Kevin made an appearance in the intro segments in 2015, and participated in the episode on Fly in the House. In 2016, Vernon of Hot Pepper Gaming and Jack the intern join the cast of Stout Train.

It has been tradition thus far for Stout Train to feature one console game a year along with the typical PC games Steam Train focuses on.






Theme LyricsEdit

Barry: We bought too many beers

Ross: Now we gotta drink 'em all

Both: So all aboard the Stout Train

Ross: *Burp*

Barry: I love you, man.

(With Kevin)

Ross: (spoken) Also Kevin.

(With Vernon)

Ross: *burp* Also Vernon.

(With Jack)

Ross: Also Jack.

(2017 episode)

Ross: and Vernon, and Jack, and Ryan.


  • Starting in 2014 prior to 2017, Stout Train videos are the only videos uploaded to the Game Grumps channel on St. Patrick's Day each year. There is no St. Patrick's Day version of Game Grumps or Grumpcade.
    • The only exception is 2016, as a Game Grumps Animated was also released on this day, since it was a Thursday.
  • Characteristically of St. Patrick's Day, Barry and Ross play games while intoxicated. They are even shown at the beginnings and ends of the videos drinking.
  • Stout Train in 2014 marked Barry's second appearance as a co-host, his first being "My Boyfriend 2" on Single Train. He has since become a more regular cast member of Steam Train.
  • Stout Train also marked Kevin's first appearance on the show in 2015, and Vernon and Jack's first appearances in 2016.
  • Danny and Matt are not featured on Stout Train because they do not drink.
    • Arin, Suzy and Brian (in the Ninja Brian form) were featured in the beginning of the musical portion of their 1-2-Switch episode.
  • Ross's father created the Stout Train theme, as Ross reveals in "Finding Inspiration".

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