Super Mario Maker
Series Game Grumps
Console Wii U
Episodes 164 (currently)
Playlist Super Mario Maker
Run September 17th, 2015 - December 5th, 2015
January 16th, 2016 - May 5th, 2016
July 26th, 2016 - October 11, 2016
April 18th, 2018 - April 29th, 2018
May 6th, 2018 - May 19th, 2018
Status Hiatus

Super Mario Maker is a Wii U game played by Danny and Arin on Game Grumps.

Episodes Edit

  1. So Sadistic
  2. Piece of Cake
  3. A Dream Come True
  4. Spring Break
  5. One of Those Days
  6. The Fast and the Curious
  7. Going Primal
  8. Tricky Business
  9. Neverending Nightmare
  10. Getting Heated
  11. Friendship Strainer
  12. Super Agony
  13. Watch Yoself!
  14. Living the Dream
  15. Mariomentum
  16. Wall of Fire
  17. Yoda Jokes
  18. Ball Buffet
  19. Just a Little Stupid
  20. Expert Trolling
  21. There and Gone
  22. Ross's Revenge
  23. A New Nightmare
  24. Throwing Down
  25. Helmet Time!
  26. Too Many Mushrooms
  27. Real Nice Star Action!
  28. Flaming Fish
  29. Endless Torture
  30. One More Shot
  31. Back Off!
  32. Double Boned
  33. Child's Play
  34. Thrill Seekers
  35. Everything is Awesome
  36. Freak of Nature
  38. Fruggle Butts
  39. Nostalgia Overload
  40. Furious Laughter
  41. Things Change
  42. Playing It Cool
  43. Magic Fingers
  44. Life of Poop
  45. Tricks Not Treats
  46. Into the Furnace
  47. Making It Rain
  48. Numbing the Pain
  49. Fire and APPLE JUICE
  50. On Fire
  51. Smuggling Plums
  52. Spinning for Days
  53. Unwaking Nightmare
  54. Close to Completion
  55. Blind Rage
  56. Oh the Brutality
  57. Cleverly Stupid
  58. What's That Song!?!
  59. W.T.A.H.D.T.H.H.N.D.B.
  60. Could It Be!?!
  61. Building Up the Rage
  62. Dorito Party
  63. All Around the World
  64. Mandatory Fun
  65. Balogna Horror
  66. Working Hard for It
  67. Being Real
  68. Generic Sitcoms
  69. Guilty Pleasures
  70. Good at Jumpin'
  71. World of Pain
  72. Holding On
  73. Flavored Sass
  74. Pure Legitness
  75. Firing Away
  76. Stunned Silence
  77. Automatic Fun
  78. Jump Kicking
  79. Shame and Fear
  80. Not Stopping
  81. Brutal Misery
  82. Just Try It!
  83. Savor the Flavor
  84. Accepting Fate
  85. Memory Lane
  86. Trouble on Dookie Island
  87. Heavy Shadows
  88. Hands-On Hanson
  89. Amazingly Amazing
  90. Music Appreciation
  91. Beat Botching
  92. Leap of Faith
  93. Pow Wow
  94. A Neverending Adventure
  95. The Ultimate Evil
  96. Hulking Out
  97. Incredible Brutality
  98. Birds Everywhere!
  99. Temple of Whoa
  100. Hanging Ten
  101. Mystery Solving
  102. Infinitely Improbable
  103. Chowin' Down
  104. To The Extreme
  105. Off to Summer Camp
  106. Luigi's "Fun" House
  107. I'M BORING
  108. Great Heights
  109. Touchy Subjects
  110. Bowser's Prison Fight
  111. Dan The Man
  112. My Milkshake
  113. World Record Wranglers
  114. That One Weird Painting
  115. Golden Oldies
  116. Magic Treasures of the Sea
  117. Escape From Koopatraz
  118. Pachinko Party
  119. Bullet Ball
  120. Headscratchers
  121. Forgotten Love
  122. Trust Destroys You
  123. Chewing Disease
  124. Dan's Nuts!
  125. Castle Hassle
  126. Olympic Bone Zone
  127. Puzzling Pictures
  128. Goomba Stories
  129. Mild Amusing Coin Hunt
  130. Hop On Pop!
  131. Mecha Bowzilla
  132. The V
  133. A Most Confusing Pickle
  134. Another Bite of the Pickle
  135. Feeling Sick?
  136. Cannonball Castle
  137. RoboOfficer
  138. Satan's Sodomy
  139. Metroid Mario Mayhem
  140. Elevator Song
  141. Baby Jokes
  142. Real Anguish
  143. Can’t Get Enough of That Sugar Crisp
  144. 100% Of My Body
  145. Peak Commentary
  146. Springy Anger
  147. 3rd Grade Songs
  148. Butty White
  149. Sink Pee
  150. Thiccc and Epic
  151. A Forbidden Story
  152. A Forbidden Story II
  153. Span of The Simpsons
  154. Gettin' Rocked
  155. Rise of the Boos
  156. Looking Back
  157. Red Coin Bowling
  158. So Many Boos!
  159. Stripes, Spots or Circles?
  160. The Goal
  161. Peanut Floors
  162. Chipmunks
  163. Savage Dragon
  164. Celebs

Game Information Edit

Super Mario Maker  is a side-scroller platformer and game creation video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U video game console, released worldwide in September 2015.

In the game, players create and play their own custom levels based on Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U and share them online through Course World. Tools from the game's toolbox are given to players as they progress through the game. They can also download and play the creations designed by other players. Originally revealed at E3 2014 as simply Mario Maker, the game was conceived as an internal development tool for Nintendo. Some parts of the game are inspired by Mario Paint, an art tool released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992. It was re-revealed a year later at E3 2015, as Super Mario Maker.

Playthrough Edit

As the game is based off user content, the beginning of the series consisted of Danny trying to beat levels made by Ross. These have mostly been levels that have some interesting quirk to them, or that are just really hard. Danny often gets frustrated with Ross for the levels he has to play, and imagines Ross will watch Danny play these back later with a sadistic grin on his face. At points, Danny has passed the controller on to Arin in times where he's too frustrated to play. Though the two have been good about beating the levels they try for the most part, they are put at a standstill with a level called Companion Spring, which is played over the course of several episodes with no success. After a week's break from the game they finally finished the level in one video, only to go on to the almost equally-difficult You are a monster.

After beating this level, Dan moves on to playing levels made by Arin. Dan only completes a couple levels before they move on to levels made by Jirard the Completionist. At one point, the duo plays levels from Castlevania dev IGA, whose levels they deem of higher quality than the super hard levels from Ross and Jirard.

After briefly returning to Ross' levels, the duo takes on some fan-made levels, some of which are extremely difficult as well. Dan and Arin constantly pass the controller to each other while playing these levels much like they did while playing Ross' levels. After playing fan-made levels, the duo take on a new segment called "The Best of the Internet" levels in which they play levels that are popular on the internet. Again, most of the levels are redeemed difficult and in some cases, Arin and Dan do call it quits on the level. Later, the duo take on another segment called "Vernon's Very Vivacious Variety Hour," in which Vernon would hand-pick levels for Arin and Danny to play in a similar way as the previous segments. However at part 102, the Grumps returned to play the best of the internet levels but only to be returned by VVVVH at part 103. At episode 106, a newer segment was introduced as "Ultra Variety Hour Supreme" but is still the same style as the previous segment.

Level Codes Edit

Ross Edit

  • Please Dance: 9895-0000-003C-F6EE
  • Pac-Mario: C70D-0000-002E-6128
  • Simple: 1415-0000-0033-2DDD
  • Buckwild: 3241-0000-0033-C9A4
  • Easy : C9a9-0000-002C-E1C8
  • Ultimate Lifeform: B74C-0000-003C-87F8
  • Fast: 695C-0000-0033-139B
  • Companion Spring: FC4E-0000-003B-A0C0
  • You are a monster: 0D6C-0000-0049-8B08

Arin Edit

  • Cheeky Piranhas: 2275-0000-0035-DA48
  • Spiny Suffocation: 7537-0000-003C-9C5A

Jirard Edit

  • Bowser’s Construction Issues: 9F8B-0000-0027-04FB
  • Hanging by a thread: 9F8B-0000-0027-04FB
  • The Lava Escapades of 1984: 0D7A-0000-0038-3C23
  • The Lava Escapades ’84: Prequel: 9405-0000-003E-3BBE
  • Casper The Ending Ghost: 5F39-0000-0041-5F9D
  • The Koopa Klown Caper of ’84: 7FBA-0000-0052-87C5

Ross Edit

  • Very Simple: FE40-0000-008B-0790
  • Boss Rush: 41DA-0000-008A-CD13


  • Castlevania: C392 0000 003D 3672

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first series on Game Grumps to support Youtube's 60 frames per second playback feature. However, this was abandoned later on as Arin mentions in an episode that their method of recording in 60 fps no longer works.
  • Ross voiced a Did You Know Gaming? on this game, due to his prominence in the community of this game.
  • Though level codes were provided in the descriptions of videos before, later on they were not provided, either in the description or video, as an update provided the code in the loading screen after starting a level.
  • As of August 23rd, 2016, Super Mario Maker became the longest series on the channel, surpassing Pokémon FireRed Version's one hundred and nineteen episodes.
    • This game was the fourth game to surpass one hundred episodes on the channel, after Sonic '06, Pokémon FireRed Version, and Bloodborne.
    • This game is also currently the longest running Super Mario series on the channel, surpassing Super Mario Galaxy's eighty-four episodes on March 10th, 2016.
  • The Game Grumps started playing the sequel Super Mario Maker 2 on July 2nd, 2019.

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