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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), known in Japan as the Super Famicom, is the second home video game console manufactured by Nintendo.

History[edit | edit source]

The Super Famicom was released in Japan on November 21, 1990, and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America on August 23, 1991, in Europe on April 11, 1992, and in Australia on July 3, 1992, as the successor to the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System. During the SNES era, Nintendo was in a fierce rivalry with Sega, and the SNES's main competitor was the Sega Genesis.

The SNES was succeeded by the Nintendo 64 in 1996, and was discontinued in 1999 in North America and 2003 in Japan.

On Game Grumps[edit | edit source]

The Game Grumps appear to greatly favor playing games from the SNES era. At the time of lauching their channel, the first three games that were played were SNES games. In general, they played mostly SNES games early on in Game Grumps. Although, as time went on, they began playing a wider variety of game consoles. They have played and completed more games on the SNES than on any other console. Both Jon and Arin claim that they favor SNES games because they grew up in the time that the SNES was popular.

The Grumps' SNES is region-free, meaning they have been able to play some Super Famicom games.

The SNES's Super Game Boy is used by the Grumps to record Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

The SNES is the console for which the most Game Grumps playthroughs have been played on, with 106 games which they've played on it for and counting (as of October 13th 2017).

Games played[edit | edit source]

SNES[edit | edit source]

Super Famicom[edit | edit source]

Super Game Boy[edit | edit source]

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ROM Hacks[edit | edit source]

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