Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Series Template:Game Grumps
Console SNES
Episodes 3
Playlist Dan and Arin play the hardest game ever. Super Empire Strikes Back!
Run June 29th, 2014 - July 1st, 2014
Status Quit

Super Empire Strikes Back (officially named Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) is a Super Nintendo game, the forty-fourth game played by Danny and Arin, and is the 116th game played on Template:Game Grumps.


  1. Impossibly Hard
  2. Tears Are Shed
  3. I Just Can't

Game InformationEdit

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, sometimes called Super Empire Strikes Back, is a 1993 run and gun game for the Super Nintendo. It is the second game in the Super Star Wars trilogy and is based on the 1980 film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It was released in Japan by Victor Interactive Software as Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu. The original Super Nintendo title was released on 1993. The game was followed by a sequel based on the next film in the Star Wars series, Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was re-released on the Virtual Console in North America on August 24, 2009 and in the PAL regions on October 2, 2009, alongside the other games in the Super Star Wars series. Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back follows closely the standard set by its prequel, with multiple playable characters and Mode 7 quasi-3D vehicle sequences. The controls are very similar to the first game, but feature a double-jump. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca return as playable characters although the character-select option itself was removed.

Unlike the original game, this installment allows each character the use of a primary and secondary weapon. Following one of the Dagobah missions, Luke Skywalker can also collect Force Powers for use in later levels. Luke can now block incoming attacks using his lightsaber, allowing him to deflect blaster fire. Han Solo can now throw grenades and Chewbacca has a new power up: a spinning attack. Darth Vader appears as the final boss in the video game.

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Both Grumps continually complain about the game's difficulty, and do not enjoy their experience at all. They commonly fall into pits with spikes, causing instant death. Their frustration with the game prompts them to quit the series after three episodes, having only defeated the first boss.


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