Tree Jitsu
Series Grumpcade
Game Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Description Watch out for that tree!
Release Date June 3rd, 2016
Length 10:48
Link Smash Bros: TREE JITSU - Grumpcade
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TREE JITSU is the third one-off episode of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on Grumpcade.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Barry play in a specialized way. Both play as Villager with Mega size and starting at 300% damage. One of the Villagers sets up a tree (Villager's Down Special), then the Villagers throw it back and forth with Pocket (Villager's Neutral Special). The players also have a conversation to try to psych each other out and knock each other out with the tree. They also start out with 10 stock. Eventually, however, they decide to cut this down to 5 by suiciding 5 times each, as 10 stocks out take too long. In the end, Barry wins with 3 stocks remaining.

Discussions Edit

Barry claims that his fear of a tree falling on him comes from a childhood trauma when he got hit by a tree. Ross tells a story about finding a snake in a tree.

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