"The Birth of Sad Robot"
Episode 2
Series Grumpcade
Game Tetris Axis
Description  :(
Release Date March 2nd, 2016
Length 15:40
Link Tetris Axis: The Birth of Sad Robot - PART 2 - Grumpcade
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"The Birth of Sad Robot" is the second episode of Tetris Axis on Grumpcade.

Discussions Edit

Barry and Brian come up with ways to make Tetris more stressful.

Barry encourages Brian to make an album called "Bwect To The Past," and make it full of bloopy reggae jams.

Barry talks about Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, and specifically notes its announcer. He also picks out the line "Everybody's watching you." Brian suggests that they could play the game for a stream, because doing it as a Let's Play would probably not work.

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