The Graveyard
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 1
Playlist One game; one episode.
Run June 3rd, 2014
Status One-Off
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The Graveyard is a game played by Ross, Danny and Arin and the 63rd game played on Steam Train. It was sent to the show by Kigurim.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Graveyard

Game information[edit | edit source]

The Graveyard is a computer art game developed by Belgian developer Tale of Tales in which the player assumes the role of an elderly woman walking through a graveyard to a bench. A song begins to play, after which the elderly woman walks out of the graveyard and the game ends. The difference between the free trial and the full game is that in the full game, every time it is played there is a small chance the elderly woman dies of natural causes.

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