"The Land of the Green Isles"
Episode 1
Series Steam Train
Game King's Quest VI
Description Prince son of King Graham is looking for that lady what from the end of the last one! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO.
Release Date June 25, 2014
Length 49:51
Link King's Quest VI: The Land of the Green Isles - PART 1 - Steam Train
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"The Land of the Green Isles" is the first episode of King's Quest VI on Steam Train.


  • The episode begins with a live action segment of Danny, Ross, and Arin thanking the audience for watching Steam Train throughout the past year (it was the first year anniversary of Steam Train when this video was uploaded) and to announce the new intro.
  • The episode is taken from several videos originally intended to be their own episodes, in order to get through the intro of the game efficiently.
  • Suzy makes an appearance in the first 6 minutes of the video to offer Ross and Danny chocolate.

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