The Munchables
The Munchables.jpg
Series Template:Game Grumps
Console Wii
Episodes 8 (currently)
Playlist The Munchables
Run April 21st, 2015 - April 29th, 2015
Status Quit

The Munchables is a Wii game played by Danny and Arin on Game Grumps.

It was sent to the show by Ari Pikounis.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Breaking New Ground
  2. Eating Fiend
  3. Getting Hungry
  4. Chicken Legs
  5. Business Before Pleasure
  6. Let's Get Ripped!
  7. Speed of Light
  8. Circleception

Game Information[edit | edit source]

The Munchables is a free-roaming 3D platforming game where players control one of two munchables through the seven islands of the planet Star Ving in an attempt to reclaim them from the Tabemons. Each world is broken into three levels: The first of which revolves around the player exploring the environment and eating monsters, usually with a certain goal such as eating all of a certain type of monster, or traveling to a specific location on the map. The second mission always involves traveling to a certain point in the level to defeat a particularly large and powerful monster referred to as a "Leader Pirate". Finally, the third mission involves the player fighting a Boss Pirate powered up by the island's Legendary Orb in order to successfully get that island back.

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