"Oh man, it's getting erectile dysfunction up in this bitch!"
— Ross, in reference to the "But nobody came..." messages.

"Thirst for Blood"
Episode 2
Series Undertale
Game Steam Train
Description It's a wonderful day for pie.
Release Date January 9th, 2016
Length 14:09
Link Undertale Genocide: Thirst for Blood - PART 2 - Steam Train
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"Thirst for Blood" is the second episode of the Undertale Genocide run on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

Having killed all the monsters in the Ruins, Ross and Barry continue onward. Ross also makes sure to buy some food from the spiders, since he heard he can use them to skip the fight against Muffet.

When they fight Toriel, Ross makes an attempt to fight Toriel in a pacifist style, and then kill her at the last possible moment to make it extra cruel.

Discussions Edit

Ross and Barry are immediately distraught by the absence of monsters, and how they'll have to kill even more named characters. They also note some of the differences between their previous playthrough and the Genocide route, such as the absence of the frogs and Napstablook in the ruins.

Barry talks about a show of his own he's working on, which according to Ross has a Monty Python-like style going for it.

Trivia Edit

Some fans have noted that Ross' actions in the Toriel battle are unnecessary, as the player can kill Toriel in a single blow at any time as long as they are on the Genocide route.

External Links Edit

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