"Thrill Seekers"
Episode 34
Super Mario Maker Part 34
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario Maker
Description Thrilling stuff right here.
Release Date November 18th, 2015
Length 14:04
Link Super Mario Maker: Thrill Seekers - PART 34 - Game Grumps
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Thrill Seekers is the thirty-fourth episode of Super Mario Maker on Game Grumps.

Gameplay Edit

Arin and Danny try Crunch’s level THE ULTIMATE GAUNTLET! (v 2.0), which has a clear rate of 0.92%.  The two only take four minutes to beat the level, despite being touted as extremely difficult. Next, they play Bowser’s Spooky Sausage Factory from Nick. They’re unable to beat this level, though.

Level codes:

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