"Tickling Brains"
Episode 19
Pokémon Art Academy Part 19
Series Grumpcade
Game Pokémon Art Academy
Description Let's get real.
Release Date August 13th, 2015
Length 50:00
Link Pokemon Art Academy: Tickling Brains - PART 19 - Grumpcade
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Tickling Brains is the nineteenth episode of Pokémon Art Academy on Grumpcade.

Drawing Edit

Snivy Homer

Homer Simpson with a Snivy body

Discussions Edit

Barry states that he doesn’t want to retread on Voltorb in the series unless he’s sure that their original Voltorb picture won’t be deleted.

Barry talks about the quickdraw panel he did with Arin at RTX the previous day.

Ross brings up that when he first joined Game Grumps, he got compared to Gavin of Rooster Teeth.

Ross talks about RWBY and Steven Universe.

Barry talks about an experience he had at a nudist culture. He describes it as cultish.

Barry imagines if a fan met Ross that Ross would spit yogurt at them so that no one would ever believe them.

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