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April 1st, 2015

Toon Grumps is a currently single-episoded April Fools Day spin-off of Game Grumps. It is hosted by Arin and Ross. Rather than focusing on video games, Arin and Ross went "back to their roots" and released a video of them animating the then-upcoming music video Minecraft is for Everyone with commentary on their personal lives and passion for animation, in order to combat YouTube's "minutes watched" policy with YouTube partner ad revenue, to get the most ad revenue out of animation. As it was April Fools Day that they released this video, they thoroughly and jokingly lied that they had canceled Game Grumps, and there would no longer be anymore Let's Plays on the channel. Arin and Ross started what they call a "Let's Animate". However, after the video, they so far haven't done another Let's Animate ever since, and went back to Let's Plays.

Theme Lyrics Edit

Arin: Hey let's draw!

Ross: And animate!

Both: And this is Toon Grumps!

(Fake fart noise)

Episodes Edit

  1. Minecraft is for Everyone

Trivia Edit

  • Ross is credited as "RubberNinja" in the opening animation, whereas he's usually credited as "Ross."
    • Likewise, Arin is credited as "Egoraptor," although he is usually credited as such in the Game Grumps opening.
  • In the middle of the first episode, Ross interrupts the animation footage to insert footage of himself making microwave macaroni for lunch. Arin, wearing Hello Kitty pajama pants, can be seen in the reflection of the microwave pacing and talking on the phone.

Gallery Edit

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