Series Grumpcade
Console NES
Episodes 1
Playlist One-Offs - One Game. One Episode. MANY LAUGHS
Run March 3rd, 2015
Status One-Off
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Trog is an NES game played by Ross and ProJared on Grumpcade.

Episode Edit

Game Information Edit

Trog is an arcade game developed by Midway Games and released in 1990. In the game, players control one of four dinosaurs and must collect eggs onscreen while being pursued by cavemen called "trog" (named after the word troglodyte) The game supports up to four players at once.

Trog features claymationgraphics, advertised as "Playmation" by Midway. Creating the claymation graphics comprised a significant portion of the game's development costs. Originally, the game involved indirectly controlling the dinosaurs by leading them around using bones, but after early versions of the game tested poorly, the gameplay was tweaked to make it more similar to Pac-Man.

Ports of the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and DOS were released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1991. These versions reduce the number of simultaneous players to two.

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