"Turnin' Tables"
Episode 4
Mario Party 6 Part 4
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Mario Party 6
Release Date September 30th, 2018
Length 11:11
Link Mario Party 6: Turnin' Tables - PART 4 - Game Grumps VS
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"Turnin' Tables" is the fourth episode of Mario Party 6 on Game Grumps VS.

Match Progress Edit

Koopa Kid lands on the Bowser space, forcing all four players to play a minigame. Arin, Waluigi and Koopa Kid lose and are forced to forfeit all their money, erasing Waluigi's coin lead and leaving Danny as the only player with any money. He lands on the star space immediately afterwards, and earns the first star of the game.

Waluigi lands on a happening space that changes all the players' positions on the board, forcing Arin to land on the star space with Bowser active once again, and allowing Danny to buy a second star.

Minigames Edit

R9) "Ray of Fright" (1v3) => Winners: Yoshi, Peach, & Waluigi

Bowser Minigame #1) "Dark 'n Crispy" => Losers: Koopa Kid, Waluigi, & Peach

R10) "Cash Flow" (1v3 Coin) => Winners: Koopa Kid (+9); Yoshi, Peach, & Waluigi (+10)

R11) "Blooper Scooper" (4-Player) => Winner: Peach

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