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October 15th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Um... Bloodborne? - by Gregzilla

"Um... Bloodborne?" is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Gregzilla. It uses audio from the Bloodborne episodes Date With Death, To Fight or Not to Fight, and Crows Before Hoes, as well as P.T.

The Animation Edit

Arin gives a red jeweled broached to a girl, who then proceeds to freak out and cry. Arin blames Danny for this, who is a ghost. Danny, however, calls her a “puss” as he looks at Bloodborne porn. After the two laugh at her some more for crying over her parents’ death, they go the shop, only to encounter a cleric beast. Arin thinks the fight will be easy, but is crushed immediately. The scene is cut short by a picture of Ninja Brian flipping the bird with one of his weapons caught in an electrical socket, with text reading “technical difficulties please fuck off.” Arin tries to fight the beast again, and gets his foot stuck under some rocks. He frequently begs for help, but Danny is unhelpful. He gets crushed again, and regenerates as a bloody ghost.

In the stinger, Danny the ghost sits next to “Itta Pupu”’s grave, then turns into Dale from King of the Hill to say “Arin sucks at video games.” Arin emerges from the grave to laugh, scaring Danny in the progress.

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