Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 5
Playlist Unturned
Run August 10, 2014 - August 17, 2014
Status Quit
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Unturned is a free-to-play, zombie-themed survival horror game on PC developed by Nelson Sexton, the owner and founder of Smartly Dressed Games and currently the sole developer. As of 1 August 2014, it is the 6th daily most played game in Steam. Ross and Arin play it on Steam Train. It is the 78th game played on the show.


  1. If Zombies = True
  2. Looking for Supplies
  4. Some Assembly Required
  5. I'm So Strong!


The game starts by dropping the player off on either the Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Canada or Arena maps with little to nothing in their possession. Players must find weapons to survive against zombies as well as find supplies to keep from dying of either starvation, thirst, or disease. The game has three difficulty levels, with an additional being a premium add-on. In the first difficulty level, Easy, the players start off with three items and loot spawns are 50% greater than the game's next difficulty setting, Normal. On this setting, there are standard spawns and nothing added or subtracted. The third game mode, Hardcore has a variety of changes, where some of the UI (User Interface) is removed, and various things are made harder. The last game mode, only available to those who purchased the 5 dollar upgrade, is the Gold mode. In Gold mode, the standard loot drop rate is increased, experience gain is doubled, and special cosmetic options for the character and interface are unlocked. As the player progresses through the game, they gain experience points from killing zombies or gathering resources which can then be used for skills. These skills can affect simple things, such as doing more damage with either a melee weapon or ranged weapon, to increasing vitality or lowering the rate at which the player dehydrates or starves.


Unturned was developed by Nelson Sexton, a seventeen-year old from Canada.

Unturned was originally listed under Steam Greenlight as Unturned 2 and was rated #3 of all Greenlight games. The first attempt to get greenlit failed; however, it was later successfully greenlit and is now available on Steam.

The game is continually being updated to add more features and mechanics, as well as fixing current ones that do not function as intended.

The game's map is based off of Prince Edward Island or PEI for short; however, it is planned to be replaced by a map that is 16x larger, rendering the "PEI" map incompatible.


On July 17, PC Gamer published a review of the game saying that while "Unturned has few real ideas on its own" it is a simple, accessible survival simulator that one may enjoy provided they can "stomach the low production values"; however, the author adds that with Nelson constantly updating the game, it is expected that many more features may be added.

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