So, the last few days I've been trying to write complete pages for every episode of the Kirby Super Star playthrough. I've been doing this mostly because I had nothing better to do, and for some reason I actually enjoy it, but anyway...

If anyone happens to read this post, I'd appreciate it if you checked some of them out. The pages I wrote are the ones from Metaknightmare! (episode 5) up to Chameleo Arm (episode 16), so far. Since they already had a 'Game Progress' section and most had an 'Intro' and 'Outro' segment as well, I mainly wrote the discussion part, as well as adding quotes I thought worked well at the top of the page, and trivia. I also tried to get all the quotes to look the same, formatting-wise.

Oh, and I guess telling me what you think would probably be cool too, if you want. I'm not quite sure what the general style of the wiki should be, since there aren't very many complete pages to use as reference (and maybe I'm writing in too much detail on the discussion part, especially in the later episodes I've done).

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