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So, I'm on Christmas vacation! So hopefully I'll have more time to work on pages. Sorry for slacking as of late. I blame Smash Bros. and The Simpsons. I've been playing catch-up the past few days. If you're interested in helping, take a look at List of Game Grumps Videos/December 2015 and GrumpOut and fill in any red links you want. However, I will be making the following pages tonight at the very least:

Endless Ocean: Blue World episodes 10-11

Diablo III episodes 6-7

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters episodes 83-85

Other than that, go nuts. Help with the Star Wars one-off games from today would especially be appreciated. 

Also thank you Grogfella for making the pages for God Hand and its episodes, as well as that Dr. Langeskov game. You've made it just a little easier for me to catch up.

With warmest grumps, whatever that means, 

Cicabe (talk) 00:09, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

UPDATE: If anyone is kinda familiar with Octopimp and what he does, I'd appreciate if he got his own page on the wiki. Feels fitting since he's been a guest on both Table Flip and Grumpcade.

UPDATE 2.0: Turns out I was able to make pages for every game and episode that needed it. I'm still behind on GrumpOut, but with a considerably lighter load on main Game Grumps channel videos, I should be ready to do those. Maybe tomorrow after work.