Vitas Varnas
Vitas Varnas


Vitas Varnas is a Game Grumps lovely who had sent to the Grumps Strider 2, Contra, Castlevania: Dracula X, Adventures of Tom SawyerGun.SmokeSlalom, Silent Hill: Play Novel, Ice Hockey, Castlevania Chronicles, and Solomon's Key.


Vitas is an Australian actor, writer and producer for VGFacts and Did You Know Gaming? which Arin, Jon, Danny and Ross have narrated for.


  • He did voice work together with Ross in the video game Paradigm.
  • In Strider 2 - "THIS GAME IS AWESOME", when Jon thanked those who had sent in the game, he mentioned Vitas Varnas to be his favorite person ever. For what reason is currently unknown.
  • Arin mentions in the Super Mario 3D World episode "Sprung" that Vitas had sent them a Cat Toad plushie.[1]
  • He receives a shout out in the Mega Man 3 episode "Mega Man Goes Berserk!".[2] He is also mentioned in the Super Mario 64 episode "Crikey!", with Danny saying he's "Australian as fuck".[3]
  • He was the one who suggested the Grumps to be added as characters in the game Hex Heroes for the Wii U and PC.[4]
  • Though he had sent Gun.Smoke into the show, it had arrived after the play through was recorded, but he was still thanked in the video accompanied with a small sorry/thanks.[5]
  • He had written videos for Did You Know Gaming?: one about Team Fortress 2[6] which was narrated by Markiplier, and another about F-Zero which was narrated by Smooth McGroove.[7]
  • He appears as a portrait in the Hall of Champions level in Shovel Knight.[8]
  • He appears as a randomly generated name for a character in FTL: Faster Than Light.[9]
  • He is credited as a Top Backer in Asagao Academy.



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