Vitas Varnas
Vitas Varnas


Vitas Varnas is a Game Grumps lovely who had sent to the Grumps Strider 2, Contra, Castlevania: Dracula X, Adventures of Tom SawyerGun.SmokeSlalom, Silent Hill: Play Novel, Ice Hockey, Castlevania Chronicles, and Solomon's Key.


Vitas is an Australian actor, writer and producer for VGFacts and Did You Know Gaming? which Arin, Jon, Danny and Ross have narrated for.




  1. Super Mario 3D World: Sprung - PART 53 - Game Grumps (at 1:17)
  2. Mega Man 3: Mega Man Goes Berserk! - PART 8 - Game Grumps (at 1:14)
  3. Super Mario 64: Crikey! - PART 42 - Game Grumps (at 3:50)
  4. Playing our new GAME!!! Soviet Jump Game (at 31:00)
  5. Playing SOVIET JUMP GAME with Arin! (at 50:58)
  6. Testing tournaments...?! - Soviet Jump Game (at 59:24)
  7. "That was actually at the suggestion of superfan Vitas Varnas. He sent over their contact info, we reached out, and the Grumps were impressed with the project enough to want to be a part of it!" AMA - Reddit
  8. Gun.Smoke: Rootin' and Tootin' - PART 1 - Game Grumps (at 0:03)
  9. Team Fortress 2 (TF2) - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Markiplier
  10. F-Zero - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Smooth McGroove
  11. "You can find me in the new Shovel Knight video game as a portrait in the Hall of Champions, pictured here top right of the middle section. The game is available now for PC on Steam and from the official Yacht Club Games site, and for Wii U and 3DS on the Nintendo eShop." @VitasVarnas - Facebook
  12. FTL: Faster Than Light - VGFacts

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