Game Grumps Animated


Morten Rasmussen

Origin (Game)

Super Metroid

Origin (Episode)

Phooey, Phantoon


Release date

July 9th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Talk-Bot - by Morten Rasmussen

Walk-Bot is an official Game Grumps Animated by Morten Rasmussen, aka mnrART. It features audio from the Super Metroid episode Phooey, Phantoon.

The Animation Edit

Danny is a Metroid and Arin wears Samus' power suit in this episode. A strange cylindrical robot approaches the two with a strange walk cycle. Arin questions what purpose this robot serves. The robot (voiced alternately by Danny and Arin) offers its help in "all your walking needs." Arin asks the robot to walk over and get him some coffee, but the robot humorously says he can only do the first of those things. It also announces that it is unable to feel humor, as it is fully dedicated to walking. It then takes out a schedule to announce that it's fully taken over by walking. Though he does offer to fit the two into his 2:45 free period, but only if their meeting "involves walking and nothing else."

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