We're Building a Giant Robot For Pacific Rim!
Giant Robot For Pacific Rim


Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures PACIFIC RIM, in theaters July 12.
Vote for what weapon you want our Jaeger to use now! Voting ends this Wednesday, June 5th!

Release date

June 3, 2013




We're Building a Giant Robot For Pacific Rim!

We're Building a Giant Robot For Pacific Rim is a video by the Game Grumps (Jon and Arin) announcing that they are building a Jaeger for a Pacific Rim video they will release on July 8, 2013. They ask their fans to vote for what weapon they want the Grumps' Jaeger to use: Tesla Fangs, Refraction Shield, Sonic Cannon, or Wave Laser. Throughout the video, the Grumps jokingly try to influence viewers to vote for the Wave Laser. The Wave Laser later won the poll.

Videos were also posted on Dodger, Jesse Cox, TotalBiscuit, and HuskyStarcraft's channels to announce their participation in the video as well, also asking their audience to vote for which weapon each of their Jaegers should use.

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