"We're Halfway There!"
Episode 2
Besiege Part 2 - We're Halfway There!
Series Steam Train
Game Besiege
Description Ross O' Donovan: Architect
Release Date March 12, 2015
Length 13:04
Link Besiege: We're Halfway There! - PART 2 - Steam Train
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"We're Halfway There!" is the second episode of Besiege on Steam Train.

Intro Edit

Arin: Hey!

Barry: Oh.

Arin: Ross has created a spinning wall of death.

Progress Edit

Arin, Ross, and Barry, tasked with killing 90% of the minions, accomplish Zone 5 with multiple do-overs. Ultimately, the goal is met because a mine’s explosion set the tank on fire and burned the minions.

Zone 6 requires the trio to steal and deliver ore. This task took less time to accomplish compared to the previous one. Once completed, the episode ends just as they arrive to Zone 7.

Adjustments Edit

Zone 5: Built third weapon, dubbed “Spinning Wall of Death” by Arin; Fourth weapon: “motor car” according to Ross; Fifth weapon: tank with rear-wheel drive

Zone 6: Modified the top of the tank into a giraffe-like head. Dubbed “Guntasaurus” by Ross.

Discussions Edit

In order to complete Zone 5’s task, Barry suggests Ross build a trebuchet, which is a catapult with a swinging arm (see gallery).

Barry goes into detail about how Arin’s lightsaber fell into the center of the Earth because Arin dropped on the ground.

Memorable QuoteEdit

"I got all the achievements related to failure. I am the Failure Completionist." - Barry

Outro Edit

Ross: “The Guntasaurus is gonna- the Guntasaurus is gonna take down whatever that is.”

Arin: “You will have your minions ready to go.”

Barry: “Guntasaurus is out for blood.”

{End Slate}

Ross: “Guys, I’m a little nervous.”

Barry: “Don’t be nervous, be blervous.”

Arin: “Of this working?”

Ross: “Yeah.”

Arin: “‘Cause you put so much effort into it.”

Ross: “Okay.”

Trivia Edit

  • This episode references both The Completionist and Achievement Hunters, with the latter being joked by Arin as Barry belonging to the "Challenge Finders," a group of people who just find challenges for the sake of finding them.

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