"We're On a Boat" is the fifth episode of Mario Party 6 on Game Grumps VS.

"We're On a Boat"
Episode 5
Mario Party 6 Part 5
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Mario Party 6
Description The guys play more games and they chill on a boat!
Release Date October 1st, 2018
Length 10:46
Link Mario Party 6: We're On a Boat - PART 5 - Game Grumps VS
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Match Progress Edit

With two stars in the bank, Danny decides to play more defensively, and actives an event space that rotates Bowser's boat away from the star space. Koopa Kid takes a raft to the star space, but cannot afford to buy a star, and the boats rotate back just in time for Waluigi to land on Bowser's boat and lose almost all of his money. Arin then uses a Sluggish 'Shroom to roll high and get to the star space, buying his first star.

Minigames Edit

R12) "Daft Rafts" (4-Players) => Winner: Waluigi

R13) "Slot Trot" (2v2) => Winners: Peach & Waluigi

Discussons Edit

Danny mentions that he always assumed setting the computer opponents on Hard also affects their luck in rolling, which Arin debunks.

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