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Woolie Madden is a YouTube gamer and game commentator, better known as part of the YouTube channel Super Best Friends Play. He appeared as a guest on Grumpcade in the episode "Spider-Man 3 The Game".



  • Woolie appears In SkullGirls in the form of a background character that randomly shows up in the River King Casino level. He can be seen alongside Matt as the two appear to have a lot of money in their hands.
  • Matt and Woolie donated $2,500 to help fund the fighting game SkullGirls.
  • Unlike Brian, Woolie does not have a PhD.
  • On Woolie's Grumpcade art, the pin on his hat is that of the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series, despite the fact that said pin, in real life, is actually the logo for the 3D animated television series, ReBoot, of which Woolie is a big fan.

    Art by 2Snacks celebrating the time Matt and Woolie saved SkullGirls.