Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Zack and Wiki
Series Grumpcade
Console Wii
Episodes 4
Playlist None
Run April 2nd, 2015 - April 5th, 2015
Status Hiatus
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Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treature is a Wii game played by Barry and Suzy on Grumpcade.

It was sent to the show by Nathan Allen, Carl Sperber IV, Edwin Abramson, Leigh Manson, and Terrance Calder.

Episodes Edit

  1. Bip and Bop
  2. The Booty is Yours!
  3. Be Free, Frog!
  4. Backseat Gaming

Game Information Edit

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is presented as a third-person perspective adventure game. In each stage, the player is required to overcome obstacles by solving puzzles and advance towards a treasure chest. The player controls the actions of hero Zack through the Wii Remote by pointing to objects on the screen, identified by an onscreen cursor, and having Zack move about the level and investigate objects and contraptions. Creatures and enemies in the level can be transformed into practical items by holding the Wii Remote vertically and shaking it left to right, causing Zack to shake his ally Wiki like a bell. When the player has Zack interact with a usable item, the game shifts to a first-person view and the player is prompted to mimic the operation of the item with the Wii Remote. For example, in one of the game's earlier puzzles, the player must create a bridge out of a tree. This is done by ringing Wiki to change an enemy centipede into a saw, then using the tool to cut down the tree by holding the Wii Remote horizontally and moving it back and forth in a sawing motion. The game contains over 80 different gestures, which range from pulling levers to playing a flute.

Successful actions award the player a set amount of "HirameQ" points based on the cleverness of the action, how many attempts it takes to perform the action correctly, and its difficulty level. After reaching a treasure chest, the player must exorcise the evil spirits covering it by ringing Wiki. The game then tallies up the total number of HirameQs in a level and gives the player a grade based on performance. Zack's reputuation as a pirate will improve with a higher HirameQ total and as more treasures and items are found throughout the game. While not exploring levels, the player has the opportunity to return to Zack and Wiki's pirate hideout to access a treasure library, send fellow pirate Maddy out to search for secret treasure, and purchase "Oracle Dolls" and "Platinum Tickets" using money found in each stage. Platinum Tickets allow the player to continue if they die during a mission. Oracle Dolls can be traded for a hint at anytime during a stage.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first series to feature only Barry and Suzy.
  • Barry and Suzy have trouble figuring out if Leigh Monson's name was Leign Monson as it appears, or if that was a typo. As such, Kevin flashed the name as Leign Monson. Monson confirmed on Reddit that his real name is Leigh.

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